Build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study.

OnTrack sets people free from dependence on devotionals and activates them for sustained spiritual growth.

A Bible study group at a coffee shop

What is OnTrack Devotions?

Grow Bible study skill… together.

OnTrack Devotions is a daily devotional designed to build the skill and discipline of effective Bible study for students and adults. Its unique approach models inductive Bible study methods and adds value for small group accountability through monthly commitments.

Daily Bible Reading

Pointed Questions

Prayer Journal

Monthly Goals


Facilitate Growth for Individuals, Groups & Organizations

Available in mobile app, digital (PDF), and print formats, OnTrack Devotions gives you flexible options to stage a personal walk with Jesus and intentionally connect groups around transformational engagement with the Word of God.

Grow Self-Feeders

OTD walks the user through a process of discovery, unlocking the Word by training them through repetition and modeling, how to ask good questions. The Word becomes a real conversation with God.

It’s a Tool

OTD is designed to build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study. Each month includes both prayer list and commitment pages designed to add context to personal Bible study and to facilitate small group accountability.

Relevant and Flexible

OnTrack focuses on skill development, engaging 4 Levels of user skill in one tool. It’s relevant because it helps the user connect the Word to their own daily life and circumstances in a powerful way.

Bible study booklet printed from OTD Digital Edition PDF

Digital Edition (PDF)

An OnTrack Devotions Digital Edition subscription gives you download access to PDF copies of each monthly issue two weeks prior to the issue start date, giving you time to print and distribute the same great devotional content on your own terms.

It’s Flexible. It’s Scalable. It’s Cost-Effective.

Print Edition

OTD Print Edition books each contain four (4) months of inductive Bible study daily devotional content paced to match standard ministry seasons: Fall (September to December), Spring (January to April) and Summer (May to August).

Each print book begins with a short overview of how to use the OnTrack Devotions format. Each month of content begins with prayer and commitment logs to help facilitate small group accountability and connection.

Summer 2022 OTD Bible study book.

Native Mobile Apps!

The free OnTrack Devos app is designed to help you build a deeper connection with Jesus through His Word every day — to help you know Jesus and allow Him to transform your heart and mind through that gospel relationship. You will build Bible study skill that will help you answer the questions of life — big and small — and be equipped to live the gospel of Jesus with the people in your life.

The community toolbox in the OnTrack Devos app is designed for local churches and faith organizations to build small group community engagement around the Bible using a focused private social network that can be set up to match its ministry strategy and structure.

OTD Bible study app with social media features



Jan | Romans
Feb | 1 & 2 Corinthians
Mar | 1 Thess – Philemon
Apr | 1 Peter – Jude
May | Genesis
Jun | Exodus
Jul | Joshua
Aug | Judges & Ruth
Sep | Mark
Oct | Luke
Nov | Romans
Dec | Galatians – Colossians


Jan | 1 Thess – Philemon
Feb | Hebrews & James
Mar | 1 Peter – Jude
Apr | Revelation
May | 1 Samuel
Jun | 2 Samuel
Jul | 1 Kings
Aug | 2 Kings
Sep | Matthew
Oct | Mark
Nov | John
Dec | Acts


Is there a free trial?

The OTD Digital Edition Annual subscription has a 7-day free trial. Sign up, then download the current Bible study issue to check it out. If it isn’t what you need, you can cancel the subscription before the system bills your card.

How do I print the digital edition as a booklet?

We did a short video walk through that you can access here. Give it a try.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Hop over to your account dashboard and select to the subscriptions section. You can pause an active subscription or cancel it. If you cancel an active subscription, you will still have access to downloads through the end of the paid subscription. So for monthly subscriptions, you’ll have access until your account would have re-billed the following month and for annual subscriptions, you’ll have access through the end of the 12-month period.

What happens when my subscription ends?

Digital Edition subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end, so the system will bill the card on file and reboot another cycle, unless you cancel in your dashboard before the renewal date.

The Print Edition no longer has a subscription option. We send email announcements when new Print Edition Bible study books are released, so you can hop over and buy new books then. We generally stay at least a couple of books ahead, so you have plenty of time to grab books before their start date.

How do I register?

Only Digital Edition subscribers need an account. You can register for the site by setting up a monthly or annual subscription.

How am I protected?

We do not share or sell any user information to anyone ever at all. We also use a secure credit card processor, so your private info is not stored on the site. And the site uses https security. For some light reading on all of this, check out our privacy policy.

Are there any offers?

From time to time we run special discount offers on digital subscriptions. Make sure to hop on the email list and follow us on social media. That’s where we announce coupons and discounts.

Do you offer support?

Yep. Whether you have trouble logging in, you need some pointers on printing the PDF as a booklet, or you want some help thinking through how to use OnTrack with a group, we’d love to connect. Drop us a line or use the contact form on the site to email the office.

Where is your head office?

OnTrack Devotions is a ministry tool from Eleven:6, a faith-driven education organization based in Boca Raton, FL.

Can I provide feedback?

Always! We love hearing from OnTrack users. Use the contact form to fire us a note and we’ll engage ASAP.