Grow Bible Study Skill in Your Ministry

OnTrack sets people free from dependence on devotionals and activates them for sustained spiritual growth, individually and together in community.

OnTrack Devotions Print Edition - Spring 2024


Jump start Bible study skill development for your ministry with UnPack It: 8 Steps to Effective Bible Study by Dr. Dwight Peterson, author of OnTrack Devotions.

Why is Bible reading down?

Currently, only 10 percent of Americans report daily Bible reading. Before the pandemic, that number was at about 14 percent. There are a lot of reasons why most American Christians do not regularly read the Bible.

But from a ministry perspective, maybe they just need a boost… some “how to” help and an opportunity to connect relationally around the Bible. They need a “why” to overcome the “why not.”

Grow Bible Study Skill Together

OnTrack Devotions is a daily devotional designed to grow the skill and discipline of effective Bible study for students and adults. Its unique approach models inductive Bible study methods and adds value for small group connection and accountability.

It’s not just a devotional with great content, it’s also a simple tool that amplifies other spiritual disciplines at the individual level and strengthens discipleship goals at the small group and ministry-wide level. And, with four levels of engagement, new Bible readers and seasoned Christians can grow together and sharpen each other.

OnTrack Devotions - Print Edition - Spring 2024

Facilitate Growth for Individuals, Groups & Organizations

Available in digital (PDF), and print formats, OnTrack Devotions gives you flexible options to foster a personal walk with Jesus and intentionally connect groups around transformational engagement with the Word of God.

Morning Bible study personal quiet time

Grow Self-Feeders

OTD walks the user through a process of discovery, unlocking the Word by training them through repetition and modeling, how to ask good questions. The Word becomes a real conversation with God.

Young adult reading her Bible outdoors

It’s a Tool

OTD is designed to build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study. Each month includes both prayer list and commitment pages designed to add context to personal Bible study and to facilitate small group accountability.

Small group of adults reading the Bible together outdoors

Relevant + Flexible

OnTrack focuses on skill development, engaging 4 Levels of user skill in one tool. It’s relevant because it helps the user connect the Word to their own daily life and circumstances in a powerful way.

Digital Edition

The OnTrack Devotions Digital Edition gives you download access to PDF copies of each monthly issue, with a ministry site license to distribute copies to everyone in a single local church or ministry location.

Each monthly devotional file is set up for easy booklet printing with any duplex-capable printer, giving ministries flexibility to distribute printed booklets or digital copies in whatever quantity they need, for a low fixed cost.

It’s Flexible. It’s Scalable. It’s Cost-Effective.

OnTrack Devotions Print Edition Books

Print Edition

OTD Print Edition books each contain four (4) months of inductive Bible study daily devotional content paced to match standard ministry seasons: Fall (September to December), Spring (January to April) and Summer (May to August).

Each print book begins with a short overview of how to use the OnTrack Devotions format. Each month of content begins with prayer and commitment logs to help facilitate small group accountability and connection.

Reading Schedule

OnTrack runs on a 36-month cycle, navigating readers through the entire New Testament each year (Fall and Spring books) and select portions of the Old Testament (Summer). The approach intentionally gives broad exposure to the Bible while continuously growing layers of inductive Bible study skill.

OnTrack Devotions Print Edition - Spring 2024

Spring 2024

Jan | Romans
Feb | 1 & 2 Corinthians
Mar | 1 Thess – Philemon
Apr | 1 Peter – Jude

Summer 2024

May | Genesis
Jun | Exodus
Jul | Joshua
Aug | Judges & Ruth

Fall 2024

Sep | Mark
Oct | Luke
Nov | Romans
Dec | Galatians – Colossians

Jan | 1 Thess – Philemon
Feb | Hebrews & James
Mar | 1 Peter – Jude
Apr | Revelation
May | 1 Samuel
Jun | 2 Samuel
Jul | 1 Kings
Aug | 2 Kings
Sep | Matthew
Oct | Mark
Nov | John
Dec | Acts

Jan | 1 & 2 Corinthians
Feb | Galatians – Colossians
Mar | Hebrews & James
Apr | Revelation
May | Nehemiah
Jun | Esther, Jonah & Daniel
Jul | Psalms 1-75
Aug | Psalms 76-150
Sep | Matthew
Oct | Luke
Nov | John
Dec | Acts