Build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study.

OnTrack sets people free from dependence on devotionals and activates them for sustained spiritual growth.

What is OnTrack Devotions?

OnTrack Devotions is a daily devotional designed to build the skill and discipline of effective Bible study for students and adults. Its unique approach models inductive Bible study methods and adds value for small group accountability through monthly commitments.

Grow Self-Feeders

OTD walks the user through a process of discovery, unlocking the Word by training them through repetition and modeling, how to ask good questions. The Word becomes a real conversation with God.

It's a Tool

OTD is designed to build the skill and discipline of effective daily Bible study. Each month includes both prayer list and commitment pages designed to add context to personal Bible study and to facilitate small group accountability.

Relevant & Flexible

OnTrack focuses on skill development, engaging 4 Levels of user skill in one tool. It’s relevant because it helps the user connect the Word to their own daily life and circumstances in a powerful way.

What ministry leaders are saying...

Ed Lewis

Executive Director, CE National

"There is nothing quite like it. I use OTD daily and we use it in our ministries such as Urban Hope, Operation Barnabas, and Momentum (youth conference)."

Les Bradford


"We’re big fans of OnTrack Devotions. It’s solid, relevant content that challenges people to embrace the life of a Christ-follower."

Reading Schedule

There will be several instances from year-to-year where the reading schedule appears to cover the same content. While we do cover several of the same New Testament books each year, the content of each issue within any of 36 consecutive months is unique to that issue. For instance, users will experience three unique issues that cover the book of Matthew within a span of 36 months.

OnTrack Devos -- SPRING 2022
OnTrack Devos --SUMMER 2022
OnTrack Devos -- FALL 2022


  • Jan | 1 & 2 Corinthians
  • Feb | Galatians - Colossians
  • Mar | Hebrews & James
  • Apr | Revelation
  • May | Nehemiah
  • Jun | Esther, Jonah & Daniel
  • Jul | Psalms 1-75
  • Aug | Psalms 76-150
  • Sep | Matthew
  • Oct | Luke
  • Nov | John
  • Dec | Acts


  • Jan | Romans
  • Feb | 1 & 2 Corinthians
  • Mar | 1 Thess - Philemon
  • Apr | 1 Peter - Jude
  • May | Genesis
  • Jun | Exodus
  • Jul | Joshua
  • Aug | Judges & Ruth
  • Sep | Mark
  • Oct | Luke
  • Nov | Romans
  • Dec | Galatians - Colossians