Expedition Series Devotionals

One-week event devotionals designed to weave truth and life.

Whether you are running a wilderness trip, missions trip, residential camp, conference or any other week-long ministry event, the Expedition Series will add spiritual value through integrated Bible study.

Weave Truth and Life

We originally developed the Expedition Series to integrate seamlessly with our Wilderness Institute events.  The structure works through a very intentional flow of framing, experiencing and integrating, that weaves the Biblical text with the ministry event experiences for a powerful learning dynamic.

This flow is designed on both the macro (whole week) level and on the micro (daily) level.  Whether you are running a wilderness trip, a missions trip, residential camp, a conference or any other week-long ministry event, the Expedition series will add spiritual value through integrated Bible study.

Pre-Event Framing

Each Expedition Series devotional begins with some pre-trip elements that help to frame the study for the week. This can be done the first day of the event or in a group meeting or two in the lead-up to the event.

These elements are designed to both introduce the study and to help event participants lay some foundations that will maximize their learning during the week.  Elements include the passage text (ESV), setting goals and writing commitments, a key foundation for accountability.

Five Key Daily Elements


Log experiences, questions, and conclusions each day to help frame how God is engaging in them from the Scripture.


A daily challenge to pray for one’s self and others they are engaged with in the ministry event.


Each day contains one or more sections of Scripture that inform and engage the theme of the study.


Each day offers the opportunity to make a specific commitment to follow through on that day.


Pointed questions challenge the reader to dig value out of the day’s text and connect it to what they have or will experience that day.

Post-Event Integration

One of the biggest challenges of ministry events is bringing the learning home in a tangible way. Each Expedition Series devotional finishes with some integration elements that facilitate that process. Readers evaluate their week, apply the learning, and create tangible commitments for investing it back home… yet another opportunity for accountability and follow-up.