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Digital Edition

Download PDF copies of each monthly issue, plus themed social media images for easy sharing!

An OnTrack Devotions Digital Edition gives you download access to PDF devotional copies of each monthly issue, formatted for booklet printing on any duplex printer. The file dimensions are set to print half page (5.5″ x 8.5″) booklets. Or share them via email, download, etc…, to the youth group, adult classes, or the entire church.

Digital equals options. You may choose to print hard copies in booklet format, email the PDF to those you lead or embed the flip book widget on a private access web page with other interactive tools that enhance the community aspect of your Bible study skill development approach.

Scale quantities up or down to match any fluctuations in actual users in your ministry environment. A digital devotional gives you the flexibility to share OTD with any and all individuals that participate in your ministry location. It also means that if, for instance, your local church youth ministry program purchases a devotional, they can share it with the adult ministry, parents, etc…, investing beyond their normal program boundaries.

The Digital Edition cost doesn’t increase with volume of users. With the volume discount, a year of devotionals costs about the same as an annual subscription for 10 Print Edition copies per cycle. If the digital distribution options make sense for your ministry, there can be dramatic savings when your ministry expands beyond that number of regular users.

Want to test run OTD with a small group? Or just see how the booklet prints on your printer? Drop your info below and we’ll fire you a sample PDF via email.

OnTrack Devotions - Print Edition - Spring 2024

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