OnTrack Devotions Digital Edition

Download PDF copies of each monthly issue, plus themed social media images for easy sharing!

OTD Digital Edition Subscriptions

An OnTrack Devotions Digital Edition subscription gives you download access to PDF devotional copies of each monthly issue two weeks prior to the issue start date, giving you time to print and distribute the same great devotional content on your own terms.  Your subscription will run (and continue billing) until you cancel it from your Account page.

It’s Flexible

Digital equals options. You may choose to print hard copies in booklet format, email the PDF to those you lead or embed the flip book widget on a private access web page with other interactive tools that enhance the community aspect of your Bible study skill development approach.

It’s Scalable

Scale quantities up or down to match any fluctuations in actual users in your ministry environment. A digital subscription gives you the flexibility to share OTD with any and all individuals that participate in your ministry location. It also means that if, for instance, your local church youth ministry program purchases the subscription, they can share it with the adult ministry, parents, etc…, investing beyond their normal program boundaries.

It’s Cost-Effective

The Digital Edition subscription rate doesn’t increase with volume of users. The annual billing option costs about the same an annual subscription for 10 Print Edition copies per cycle. If the digital distribution options make sense for your ministry, there can be dramatic savings when your ministry expands beyond that number of regular users.

Get Instant Access

Download a Sample

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What’s Included

Devotional Downloads

PDF devotional downloads of the current monthly OTD content set up for printing in 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half sheet) booklets that can be saddle stitched… stapled along the spine, for as long as the subscription is live.

Social Media Images

Every month, you get Facebook, Twitter and Instagram images for easy social sharing… plus a presentation slide image to toss on the big screen and editable Photoshop files for each for easy customization.


Need some help with printing or distributing the devos? Or maybe some ideas on how to best use them in your ministry? We’re just a phone call or email away.

Digital Subscription License

Distribution of OTD Digital Edition copies, in print or in digital formats, is limited to the ministry location that purchased the subscription. That means you can distribute as many copies as you want within your own ministry location. Multi-site ministries should purchase separate subscriptions for each site. Digital distribution within your ministry is allowed, provided the manner of distribution reasonably protects against access from those outside your ministry. For instance, posting to a private Facebook group or behind a login-protected web page would be okay. Posting to a web page or social media page with public access would not be okay. You get the idea.