Military Devotionals

Faith Tools for our Military & Veterans

The Military Edition of OnTrack is a 12-month study through the New Testament and Proverbs written for today’s military personnel.  The included User Guide walks the reader through the basic steps of inductive Bible study (Observation, Interpretation, Application, Implementation), allowing them to start at their current skill level and dive into the meat of the Word of God.

Whether you are a chaplain looking for resources for your unit, a church with active duty members or a soldier, sailor, airman or marine that needs a field-ready devotional guide, MOTD fits the bill.  The year is broken down into 12 one-month sections with a User Guide that introduces the “why” and “how” of inductive Bible study.

This 52-day devotional uses military terms as focus concepts to communicate Biblical truth in a connective and accessible way.  The appendix also includes useful prayers for chaplains in the field, or others interested in that type of ministry.

Written by Col. James Fogle-Miller, FLARNG (Ret), a career military chaplain with Special Forces experience, it guides the reader to connect Biblical truth with the unique challenges of the military experience.

Dive into the heart of the warrior king, David, a man after God’s own heart, with this 2-month walk through the book of Psalms.  From victories to failures, from struggle to confidence, David engages conversation with God in the ups and downs of a warrior’s life poetically.

The first month covers Psalms 1-75.  The second month covers Psalms 76-150, including the well-known Psalm 91.  While the content is a change of pace from the original 12-month Military Devotional, this study uses the same inductive Bible study format.