Personal Moments in The Bible, Every Day

Each devotional day is set up to model inductive Bible study rhythms that grow the user’s skill while strengthening their personal walk with Jesus.

Daily Moments to Help Christians Grow

Each devotional day has an intentional layout with key elements that go beyond simply reading content. They help people grow through inductive Bible study rhythms. There is some variety — we mix in some Proverbs, Psalms, and offer some more pointed reflection from time-to-time — but the standard devotional day has four basic elements.

  1. Devo Header – It gives you the day of the week, the date, the theme, and the key passage for the day. Read the passage in your Bible BEFORE jumping to the next step!
  2. Extra Reading – This is the complete text for the day. The key passage from the header bar will be in there, but this covers the context of the passage. If you are ready to bite off the whole chunk of Scripture, go for it!
  3. Devotional Thought – The daily thought is designed to frame your thinking process AFTER you read the verses and BEFORE you answer the questions. It will encourage you to chew on the verses and ponder what God is tell- ing you through His Word. The thought models for you the method of Bible study you are learning for yourself.
  4. Daily Questions – Each day will have four questions that help you personally work through the process of identifying what God is saying in His Word, then connecting it to your own life. Each question builds on the one before it.
OnTrack Devotions Sample Day

Grab a Sample

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More Elements

OnTrack Devotions add other elements to foster individual growth and connect it to Christian community, whether in small groups, families, or really any other way people might connect around the Bible.

Monthly Prayer Journal

Monthly prayer sheets set a foundation for tracking and sharing requests and answers to prayer.

OnTrack Devotions - Monthly Prayer Sheet

Monthly Commitments

Commitment sheets provide space to set growth goals and small group accountability.

Sunday Proverbs & Psalms

Most months mix in Proverbs on Sunday, bringing a change of pace and a dose of wisdom. Some mix in Psalms.

Help People of ALL Skill Levels Grow

Everyone is at a different place in their walk with God and in their Bible study skill. Because of that, OnTrack is designed to engage four progressive user skill levels. This list below will help people identify their skill level and how to use OnTrack Devotions effectively.

It helps to encourage people to be honest (with themselves) about their current Bible study skill level. Starting beyond their actual level can lead to unnecessary frustration and discouragement. Some level of frustration is good when learning a skill, but too much may tempt you to give up. Pay particular attention to the approach each user should take based on their current skill level. Celebrate progress!

  • Level 1: You have spent little or no time in personal Bible study and you have limited knowledge of the Bible. FOCUS: Key Passage, Devotional Thought.
  • Level 2: Most of your experience with the Bible is from church and/or at home. You have been taught from the Bible, but you have not consistently studied it on your own. FOCUS: Extra Reading, Devotional Thought, answer at least the first two Daily Questions if you can
  • Level 3: You have a bit of experience reading the Bible on your own. Maybe it hasn’t always been consistent or you are newer at it, but you are getting comfortable with it. FOCUS: Extra Reading, Devotional Thought, answer all four Daily Questions.
  • Level 4: You have a lot of experience in Bible study and you consistently see solid applications. Focus: Extra Reading, Devotional Thought, all Daily Questions, and try creating your own questions.

Every once in awhile, each reader should review their current skill level to check whether they should bump it up. They can do this on their own, with an accountability partner, or with a spiritual mentor. Aim for growth!

How to Use OnTrack Devotions

This tool is designed to help Christians grow their personal Bible study skill as a key part of developing a regular personal conversation with God. You will learn to dig into the text with good questions that lead to understanding and personal life change. To get the most out of OnTrack, follow the progression below.

  • PRAY. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you exactly what He wants you to see and understand from the Word. If you are in Christ, the Holy Spirit is in you and one of His jobs is to illuminate Scripture for you. He was the person of the Godhead directly engaged in the inspiration of the Word and He knows exactly what He meant when He wrote it.
  • READ THE SCRIPTURE PASSAGE. Always start with reading the passage first before reading the devotional thought or any other tools you use to help understand Scripture. What God has to say is always more important than what anyone else has to say about what God has to say.
  • READ THE DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT. The purpose of this text is to frame your thinking and to spur good questions, not to tie the passage up with a neat tidy bow.
  • ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. Some days, the author provides specific questions for you to answer that will help you dig into the text a bit. Other days, you’ll see the generic Observation, Interpretation, Application, and Implementation questions. These are days designed to stretch you in the process of creating your own good questions.
  • ENGAGE OTHERS. One of the key benefits of a tool like OnTrack is that others in your world are working through the same Bible passages every day and engaging the same questions. This provides accountability for you; but more than that, it gives you an opportunity to compare notes and learn with each other. Often, you will see things they did not and vice versa. Bible study can be a team sport! It will help deepen your understanding of Scripture and your relationships.