OTD Digital Subscription — Annual

The OnTrack Devotions Digital Edition subscription gives you download access to PDF copies of each monthly issue two weeks prior to the issue start date, giving you time to print and distribute the same great devotional content on your own terms. Subject to our digital content license.

Subscription Billing

This is an annual recurring subscription with a 7-day free trial. Billing will run automatically every three months until you cancel the subscription.

What’s Included

You get access to the OTD Digital Subscription page for the duration of your subscription.  That page contains:

  • 12 months of OTD downloads… the last issue, the current issue, and next month’s issue.  The next month’s issue is released no later than two weeks prior to the issue start date.  Downloads are PDF copies of the month’s OTD booklet set up for printing in 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half sheet) booklets that can be saddle-stitched… stapled along the spine.
  • Extras…  We periodically create extra tools and helps for using OTD and for growing users’ Bible study skills.

Digital Content License

Distribution of OTD Digital Edition copies, in print or in digital formats, is limited to the ministry location that purchased the subscription. That means you can distribute as many copies as you want within your own ministry location. Multi-site ministries should purchase separate subscriptions for each site. Digital distribution within your ministry is allowed, provided the manner of distribution reasonably protects against access from those outside your ministry. For instance, posting to a private Facebook group or behind a log-in protected web page would be okay. Posting to a web page or social media page with public access would not be okay. You get the idea.