Momentum Conference

Opening session of Momentum 2015 at Indiana Weslyan University.

A little history…

In 2006, we were presented the opportunity to partner with Momentum Conference to provide custom devotionals for their conference week, along with two months of follow-up devos for every student and youth worker that attended.  The idea sprung from the equipping-oriented mind of Ed Lewis, Executive Director of CE National… the organization that runs Momentum Conference to serve over 2000 students and youth works from across North America every year.

We love Momentum!  Ministry is a team sport, and the conference team executes missional ministry flawlessly.  Every element is of the conference is intentionally designed to “challenge students to experience Jesus and follow Him.”  The challenge doesn’t end in the main sessions, though dynamic biblical teaching and authentic worship are mainstays of the week.  Workshops galore invest the “why” and “how” in actionable ways.  The conference facilitates service opportunities for youth groups to serve in the community throughout the week, then go into a nearby city on Saturday en masse to share the love of Jesus with those they encounter. It’s not just a conference.  It’s a ministry experience too. 

Why are we sharing this with you?

First… if you didn’t know about the conference, you need to check it out.  It’s a rare opportunity for youth ministries to truly tool up in the Summer as they prep to invade high school campuses with the love of Jesus in the Fall.  The 2016 conference will be held July 26-31, on the campus of Cedarville University (OH).  The theme is Identity… rooted in 1 Peter 2:9.

2015 Momentum Conference – Custom OnTrack Devotions book

Second, Momentum so inspired us with the opportunity to come alongside their equipping ministry, we decided to come alongside other conferences, camps and ministry events with the tool the Lord entrusted to us… OnTrack Devotions.

Since then, we’ve developed and printed custom devotionals for other conferences like Teen Leadership Conference and Kalahari Retreat and some church camps.  We use the same solid OnTrack Devotions inductive Bible study content you’ve come to trust, know and love.

First, We develop a custom book cover with the event graphics.  Sometimes, we drop in event-specific content provided by the event leadership team, like schedules, workshops, session notes, speakers, etc…

Then we integrate devotions for the event timeframe that follow the event theme.  Generally, we finish out with a couple months of regular OnTrack Devotions that help conference/camp attendees continue to engage the Word as a follow-up to the spiritual growth from their week.  The continued reminder of their experiences and learning from the event provides ongoing value… and connection with the event.

Professionally printed books are shipped directly to the event location a week or so before the event goes live.  No fuss.  No mess.  Just great devos, done right and tuned specifically for the conference focus.

Do you run a camp, conference or other event that invests amazing content and experiences in students and/or adults? Consider adding another dimension with custom devotional books that target your goals… without the headache of developing or printing them! Your brand. Our brand. Or both.

Need more info?  Pop over to this page.

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