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December 2023 | Acts

The Book of Acts is a sort of transition from the Gospels to the Epistles. It gives us a whole lot of context as it relates to the post-resurrection events around the launching of the New Testament church and how the early church went about fulfilling the Great Commission.


November 2023 | John

The Gospel of John is special in that it shares the life of Jesus from a different perspective, including several unique stories, than the synoptic Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke). The “disciple whom Jesus loved” had a special relationship with Jesus that comes through in his writing. John’s goal in penning this book, under the inspiration of the Spirit, was “that you may believe Jesus is the Messiah.” His evangelistic and personal tone makes John’s Gospel a staple for new believers… but also provides rich texture for those that have been in Christ for a lifetime.


OTD November 2023 -- John

October 2023 | Luke

The book of Luke brings us a chronological rendering of Jesus’ life and ministry. Written by a doctor who was likely not a Jew, it focuses on the facts and is the first of two sequential books addressed the Theophilus… Acts is the second book… as a foundation for understanding the early church and its origins. While Luke focused much of his attention on facts, he clearly valued placing those facts within the context of relationships… Jesus’ interactions with people. So while it is clinical in its observation, it’s personal in its depiction of Jesus and his compassion for people.


OTD October 2023 -- Luke

Expedition Series Devotionals

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Authentic: Psalm 32

Love…: 1 Tim. 1:3-5

Endurance: 2 Tim. 4:6-9

Fuel: Col. 3:1-4

Get Lost: Luke 9:18-27

LaDYL: Jn. 15:12-13

Transparent: Psalm 139

Love Does

Other Curriculum

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Unpack It: 8 Steps for Effective Bible Study