August | 2 Kings

August 2016 - 2 Kings2 Kings

God’s chosen nation continues its spiral away from blessing as the Lord, in His mercy, sends prophets to shed light on the sins of the nation and call for repentance.  Greed and lust for power plagues the leadership dynamic.  Idolatry is rampant.  The outcome… exile from the land promised to and provided by the Lord for His people generations earlier.

Is this the end?  Is punishment, pain and expulsion the final word from the Lord?  A detour isn’t the end of the journey… and the Lord doesn’t break his covenants.  Nor was the Davidic Covenant rendered invalid.  But its fulfillment is now generations away as God’s chosen nation will experience the full consequences of its choices for several generations.


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The first half of this month, we’ll see the tremendous blessing for the nation of Israel resulting from foundations set by David with the Lord… and from Solomon’s request of the Lord for wisdom. The temple is finally built. The Ark of the Covenant is finally placed in it. Things are good!

But as Solomon strays from the Lord and leverages his gift of wisdom without a deep anchor in that relationship, he begins to pursue pleasures of this world. The result… the foundations of faith and blessing begin to crumble for the entire kingdom. At the end of 1 Kings, we find a nation divided and the spin cycle of disobedience and consequences that will plague God’s people for generations.


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May | 1 Samuel

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A corrupt priesthood, rampant idolatry and dishonest judges… the environment in Israel is pretty bleak as 1 Samuel opens.  In His mercy, the Lord raises up Samuel and David within the cultural chaos.  In 1 Samuel, we see the Davidic Covenant established, the promise that the Messiah will come from David’s line and that His throne will be established forever.  We see God’s sovereignty and faithfulness in David’s path to the promised throne.  We see God supernaturally empower both Saul and David to accomplish His purposes.  And we see the effects of sin in the lives of God’s people and for those they lead.


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June | 2 Samuel

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April | Revelation

OTD April 2016 - RevelationThis month’s adventure in Revelation gives us a great opportunity to stretch our Bible study skill muscles.  The scenes, characters and drama that unfold are rich with both details and mystery.  You might wonder why the Lord penned so much detail without an absolute clarity on the events that will mark His return… an approach that has sparked much debate in the church since it was recorded by the Apostle John during his exile on Patmos in the first century AD.  One thing we can be clear on… His approach is entirely intentional, and it’s our opportunity to dig for the truth in the Word He gave to us.  Enjoy the journey.  It’s epic.


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